• 01

    We are a 5-star hotel. Have you ever done a similar hotel before? Is the quality guaranteed?

    Every year we produce custom projects chandelier for five-star hotel. We are very processional on high standard product requirements, . Through no less than 5 major production key process of quality control to make sure the high quality.

  • 02

    What materials do you use? Is it environmentally friendly?

    We use a wide range of materials, stainless steel, glass, crystal, acrylic, resin and so on. We will purchase materials that meet environmental protection requirements for production and processing.

  • 03

    I am a designer. How can I cooperate with you?

    90% of our customers are architects and interior designers. Years of cooperation experience tells us that under the condition of understanding design requirements, every work can be perfectly realized with professional team management and experience, all of which are ex-factory prices.

  • 04

    What are the ways of transportation?

    By Sea, by air and express delivery.

  • 05

    If the goods received are damaged, how to solve the problem?

    By buying insurance. If it is a small part of damage, supplementary accessories can be provided free of charge.

  • 06

    Which countries do you mainly sell to?

    Major countries in Europe, America and the Middle East.

  • 07

    Do you provide transportation to the door?

    We can arrange transportation door-to-door service.

  • 08

    The shape of art lamp is complicated. How can we install it?

    At the beginning of the design, we will consider the simplicity of later installation and require a fool-like installation method. For example, the streamer-type art chandelier needs the interior designer to be on site and guide according to the drawings.

  • 09

    How to fix the installation of gypsum board ceiling?

    Gypsum board ceiling can't be installed with chandelier, but it can be fixed on the ceiling of building foundation.

  • 10

    Is the stainless steel plate divided into blocks or whole?

    There is no need to block within the material size range, unless there are other design requirements.

  • 11

    How to repair the spotlight of the stainless steel plate f it is broken?

    Remove the replacement and connect the power cord.

  • 12

    Does this price include light sources?

    Generally, integrated light sources are included, but other general-purpose light sources are not included.

  • 13

    How can I get your wholesale price? There is only one pc. Can you do it?

    Although there is only one pc, we calculate it completely according to the ex-factory price (wholesale price), and look forward to more cooperation next time.

  • 14

    I give you the space size. Can you suggest the appropriate lamp size?

    Yes, our design team will show the proportional relationship among people, space and lamps on the drawings.

  • 15

    Can the screen be equipped with light source?


  • 16

    Can the divider screen be made into an arc? How do you calculate the price of arc?

    Whether curved or special-shaped screens are customized, we are capable of designing and producing them. All products are based on the sum of cost and reasonable profit.

  • 17

    Does the divider screen installation need to be embedded and reinforced? At what stage should we start embedding?

    The fixed divider screen needs to be embedded and reinforced, and it should be implemented in advance after the screen design scheme is determined.

  • 18

    What does the ceiling need to be embedded and reinforced?

    Large chandeliers must be embedded and reinforced, which is the foundation of safety. We will provide professional reinforcement drawings to guide this work, and we will often start to implement them in advance after determining the chandelier drawing.

  • 19

    This chandelier is heavy. How can you ensure that the packing box is strong enough?

    Because it is a customized chandelier, including packaging materials, it is also necessary to customize wooden boxes with different thicknesses and densities according to products with different weights.

  • 20

    Can I design the same wall lamp as the chandelier?

    Yes, these are our daily work.

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